Every penny has its story.

I believe the penny is a metaphor for all things in life: hope, comfort, communication, honesty, luck, wealth, sharing, individually, social status, conformity, humility, rejection, abandonment and above all value.

As a penny is treasured or disregarded, it travels an epic journey. What if that penny could talk? What would that penny have to say? Each penny is different but beautiful, just as one’s unique story. 

Your stories are the inspiration and foundation for Makes Cents Jewelry. Every piece I make includes three elements: a guitar string to represent how we use music to express ourselves, whether through creating or listening; gears to represent psychology and looking beneath the surface in order to understand; and a penny to represent one's story, the unique path one has traveled. One piece of jewelry may be similar to another, but no two pieces are exactly alike. 

What’s your story?

Christinea Beane